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What we're listening to at Spotify


What we're listening to at Spotify

Ever wondered what we're playing through speakers around the Stockholm and Cambridge offices? Or while we're at our laptops? Or while we're working on the Community or Twitter?


citric headphones.jpg


If you have, let me introduce you to the In Our Headphones playlist. Every month we'll update it with the tracks we've had on repeat the last 4 weeks. It's a mix of new, classics and odd songs to spice up your work day.









23 Replies

OBLIVIUS by The Strokes -- yes yes yes!!!! Love it, and love getting a glimpse at what y'all listen to.

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What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

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Quality as always ^_^

Right on. Mannarino. Right on.
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The Goods.

darn, this is eclectic af. Thanks for this, I would have never found some of these tracks on my own. 🙂


Andres Sierra

My friends, I will listen to the beat enjoyed across the pond! thank you for the link!  I just joined today to say I love your bands the Beatles and Moody Blues (timeless brothers) and this side of the pond (Deborah Harry and the rest of the band Blondie, Linda Ronstadt, and Cheryl Crow) yes again, been around for awhile, but teams timeless.  Will let you know what I think of your kind suggestions...after I listen to Janis J, for a moment..and Janis Ian ... after.  I do love Spotify.  It is 11pm in Maryland, by Washington, D.C.  regards T

Loved Masterpiece and Brazil from "Big Thief" and "Declan McKenna", but usually find even a reference to burning witches sour, since the origin was Catholic church Inquisitor types raping, older women, labeling them demons for their medical knowledge used to help their fellow ailing neighbors, then stealing their property after the murders.  The BS did not like title of third song since no reference to the origin.  I did appreciate online notes to song by folks who talked about general oppression by similar powerful types of semi-humans.

Hey Guys! 


Thanks for your great comments over this thread. We're really glad you like our tastes - all be it how weird they can get 😉


We've just updated the playlist again with our favorite tracks over June. So hit the follow button, plug in and join our Silent Disco!






So good! A personal favorite of ours has been Worry by Jack Garratt!


Absolutely amazing song!


Check out our new single My Dear!

This remix of Magnets by Lorde is amazing! Thanks for introducing me to this Meredith 🙂

Excelent play list for evening sunday work time!.

"Are We Ready?" - TDCC 

Silver Lining by Rilo never gets old 🙂

 Obviously, the queen of Pop, Madonna, today, forever and always, the best singer in the world.

Add this band to your Playlists if you dig them!  For fans of Twenty One Pilots and Eminem:


Hypothetical (Artist)

it's just a playlist full of indie, alternative and rock music :~)

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