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Advertisement Increase?


Advertisement Increase?

I have noticed lately that ads are starting to come every 2 songs... Seems a bit excessive in comparison that it used to be 4-5 songs between ads. Is it the new normal or is it a bug? 

6 Replies

Hi there,


The exact ad/music ratio is unknown and a little bit random. Sometimes you can get 5 ads in 1 hour while sometimes you can get 20 ads an hour (just an example).


It might decrease in a few days. 

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Same here. Just had a 20 second ad, followed by a 15 second ad, then another 25 second add, so 3 back-to-back. Getting hammered here and am considering other options for music streaming.

Me too. Two tracks, occasionally one or two more.


I've even had them interrupting longer tracks and that really is unacceptable.


I think we all reluctantly accept ads if, for whatever reason, we either choose not to pay or just can't pay, but it's getting to the stage that Spotify are liable to lose "free" users in droves. Spotify's advertising revenue is bound to decline if they can't provide sufficient user figures to justify advertisers' further involvement.


In both users' and Spotify's own interests they need to pause and think about the impact this is having on both sides.

Yeah, it increased!

But to keep this app someone must pay the bill! lol

No limit? 100% ads, 0% music would be okay. Seriously?

Has been out of control for me the past couple of weeks. At least 2 to 1 ratio of Ads to tracks. And of course it's the same handfull of obnoxious ads. I literally cannot listen to it. Time to head back to Pandora.

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