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Who here actually uses Spotify Premium?


Who here actually uses Spotify Premium?


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I do, Happy New Year!!!

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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Once I didn't want to pay for Spotify. Canceled after 6 months because Free was good enough and it was.

I just disliked ads, especially because I am INFJ, and I cry easily over music that will touch.

It's not good when you cry on the bus stop and then they throw at you bunch of ads. It was not normal.

I subscribed back, but only when one of their ad said get 3 months for one month fee. And I was back soon.

Even then I planned to cancel for Free. But gladly I started collecting and depositing bottles (tin cans for example).

Since then I paid Spotify Premium with gift cards for 16 months straight. I literally get it for "free". You just collect bottles.

When you walk, at music festivals etc. I heard that they offer as well Duo plans, but I have no one to share it with.


When I heard this track today first time, I immediately added it to one of my playlist. Long live Spotify.

I will start to collect for my next one year straight Spotify next summer on festivals. Roughly 120 euros a day free.


The main reason why I want to have it Premium. French music company discontinued Free plans in few countries.

I don't think it's good decision as they will lose customers, but all who can should pay for music way or another.


I registered for Spotify 09/01/21 and 09/01/22 was my one year here. September 2022.

Before I was at Google Music for 5 years and at Deezer for 1 year. These were nice, first for example, but they closed.

Before that I was Spotify Premium, running it for years straight, perhaps even 6 years or so. Now will be the same.


I honestly have little to no desire trying anything else anymore. Spotfy Premium seems to be my way.

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