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:) spotify mutuals


:) spotify mutuals 

as you can see in the topic name, i want some friends on spotify 🙂 music is my therapy so spotify is one of the MAIN apps i use. so if you have a spotify & if you want me to follow you, just leave your username and/or link and i’ll let you know when i follow you. thanks for reading. 

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i want more friends on spotify too let's be mutuals ❤️

i followed you 🙂 thank you. 

Helloo, just followed you. 

I use spotify in the identical way to how you described, its one of my favourite things seeing others' playlists and their listening habits and im craving new music x

I love your music taste sm, I followed you (my user is al)

can you screenshot your profile? i couldn’t find your username, i’ll follow you back. thank you. 🙂 

i followed u 



Let's make one big collab playlist!?!?!?!*


Who is down?

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