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:) spotify mutuals


:) spotify mutuals 

as you can see in the topic name, i want some friends on spotify 🙂 music is my therapy so spotify is one of the MAIN apps i use. so if you have a spotify & if you want me to follow you, just leave your username and/or link and i’ll let you know when i follow you. thanks for reading. 

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Hello Everyone

i am a song writer and a gospel singer, glad to be here

A Heartfelt Request: Please Add My Music  to your playlists🎶

Dear Spotify Community,

I'm reaching out with a humble plea: please consider adding my songs to your playlists. Each track is a piece of my heart, and your support would mean the world. Let's spread the love through music together!

Listen here:-

Thank you immensely

Hi, I've followed you, also followed all of you on this thread, please follow back if you want! 😁

Followed all in the thread, feel free to follow back! 

some of the things I put out might seem weird, but I appreciate a follow.


If its still on

you dont follow back?

Your link doesn't work

Hello, just followed you, I like your music taste! and I am also in need of new music.

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