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why did you choose to use Spotify?


why did you choose to use Spotify?

There are a lot of other music apps that you could use to listen to music so why did you choose to use Spotify and not some other music app? What Feature etc. let you choose Spotify?

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I have so many favorite features lol 😆.
I would say my favorite feature is the way i can create and use my playlists. I love that I can add my own photo and description to my playlists. I also love that I can play songs straight from the playlist or play a radio station playlist. I also think it is cool that the screen changes color when it goes to each song. My other favorite feature is how the podcasts are organized. They are easy to find and fun to listen to! 😊

It was preinstalled on my phone and offered me 3 mo trail. On time as I was searching replacement for other app I didn't like replacing now ended Google Music. I decided Spotify, even if it's 10.99 now, just because of their design. And features.

I like their UI and I think they make it look nice. The endless music is just a bonus on a cake.

I hope they will keep 320K music quality as I literally can't accept any less.

I first got spotify roughly around 2013 or 2014. Before then I purchased physical CDs or bought individual songs on iTunes. After enough of the people I watched on YouTube recommended Spotify, I figured I give it a try. After downloading it I immediately started paying for premium and was instantly hooked. I like to constantly have new things to listen to and purchasing CDs or iTunes...especially $.99-1.29 iTunes... I found Spotify to be such an amazing value. It is what keeps me on the service!

I chose Spotify simply because there was a promotion deal going on at my university and i got free student premium for a certain time. After i got use to it, i really enjoyed the UI and i couldn't get myself to use other streaming services. I have tried others but i just never liked them as much as Spotify

At that time, Spotify was pretty much only relevant service out there. iTunes was out, yes, but I have never owned any Apple hardware and iTunes for Windows was what it was back then.. While downloading mp3's from the internet was exciting back in the 90's and 00's, Spotify was the first service I stumbled upon that offered the possibility for me to NOT to download/backup/maintain Gigabytes of music files - that pretty much sealed the deal.

Nowadays there are much more competition and to be honest, overly pushing Podcasts is similar to what MTV did to music - they replaced music with reality shows. Also some of the competitors seems to be more committed to child friendly experience as well, so let's see what happens in the future..

I decided to opt for Spotify simply because there were times when I used to enjoy my friend's playlist more than mine. Spotify allows me to access those playlists and skip the irritation of forgetting the name of the song that has been playing in my head since I heard it.

Spotify has a large catalog of music (35+ million songs), the best playlist recommendations, useful, yet non-intrusive social features, and a variety of plans (including student discounts) that make it great for most music listeners with a smartphone and some headphones

Spotify has become one place solution to your music needs. Feeling bored you can listen to podcasts, it has eased out the music search.


I started to use it in 2010 and I think it was the only music streaming platform at that time. To be honest I haven't try anything else if youtube is not counted. 

Compared to youtube is good to be able to turn of the screen and still be able to listen music. 

Ofcourse this would be possible in the paid version of youtube but I think this works in spotify without charge? I'm not sure because I have the premium version.

there is no worthy alternative in 2022)

I chose to use it years ago when it was not Facebook 2.0.

Now it is Facebook 2.0 and I am looking for alternatives.

Just downgraded to free at the fools day.

It indeed works. I can enjoy mobile Spotify screen off. Thank you.

I started to use Spotify in order to share songs I wanted to perform with another musician who also uses Spotify. This way we could practice the songs before we got together for rehearsal.  But I'm also a huge music fan and once I found some new things that blew me away I was hooked.


I tried Spotify free years back but dropped it because of ads.  I was one of those who liked the hard copy so I have over a thousand CDs but ran out of space for them.  I am an Apple fan.  After renewing my phone contract I was getting call for free so I thought why am I paying for calls on my landline so I changed that contract to line rental and broadband only which saved enough to pay for Spotify Premium, so here I am.  The quality is just fine and as for vinyl with its snap crackle and pop, forget it!

i choose to use spotify because pandora does not give me the song the i want you list to and i had an idea for a 2nd offline mode "spotify offline mode app" you can see how the app will work here


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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I signed up sometime ago and forgot about my account, then rediscovered my account and its the best thing that's happened in 2023.


Its simplified how i now listen to music in a massive way its so simple and easy to use i will not use any other app now site to listen to music i wanna listen to. I have a rather large collection of CD's but not going to listen to any of them now as i am building my audio collection now stands at 717 songs only in around 2 days and will continue to grow and grow in the coming days weeks months and years.


Thank You! ❤️ 🎵

Just like you, I signed up to premium because I saved £10 month on my phone bill so I used it here.  I'm getting rid of all my CD's on MusicMagpie, some they don't want. some you get a penny, some you get £1.  I just couldn't bear to part with my Leonard Cohen CD's though.  Good that someone else has the chance to buy CD's cheap through MusicMagpie.

I've made some brilliant music discoveries through Spotify too, Louise Tucker if you like that kind of music.

MusicMagpie is where i bought all my CD's because of the price and the condition of them were all 100%.


I'll be keeping my CD collection to pass to my 13 / 14 year old son...

Circa 2012, I used Winamp and iTunes. These were apps that loaded your local mp3 files and it was a pain to continually transfer files from one computer to another. Although the display was great on each of those platforms and I loved features like the Winamp visualizer (please add this, spotify!), the music was only as new and fresh as the mp3's I was uploading. Everything changed when I discovered Spotify. I could follow artists, stream new music I never knew existed, curate playlists; it was a whole new world. Perhaps it was just luck that it was Spotify and not another platform, but the software became familiar to me and was soon just part of my daily life. Add in the Spotify Community and I'm set; it has been fun to build relationship with other users and Spotify team members, to bounce ideas off of each other, and to discuss and discover new music. I enjoy the feature where I can see what friends are listening to, Spotify Wrapped, the new DJ feature, etc. It's all unique and fresh and I'm happy to be a part of this software's journey.

Why Spotify? Spotify has the best inventory. 

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