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why did you choose to use Spotify?


why did you choose to use Spotify?

There are a lot of other music apps that you could use to listen to music so why did you choose to use Spotify and not some other music app? What Feature etc. let you choose Spotify?

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I've been using Spotify for over 5 years. Before that I used Deezer, but Spotify's ergonomics, choice, features and ease of use made me switch. 5 years I use Spotify and I do not regret it, it's really well made

I'm a new Premium subscriber.  I'm old-school (i.e., old!) and want to reproduce the music listening experience I had in my misspent youth.  Back in the day we had albums that were made of plastic(?) and played on a "turntable."  I had about 100 albums from various artists.  I would listen to them by playing one side all the way through from the first track to the last.  That's what I'm looking for again.


Modern technology has music broken up into individual songs.  It's very hard to get an "album" of songs together to play them in sequence.  It seems that commercial interests keep mixing up the songs with newer songs from different artists.  That's not what I want.  And don't talk to me about advertising commercials!  I'll keep trying to learn about Spotify. So far so good.

I too am old school and started like you.  I found selecting tracks on the old plastic discs was a nightmare and any clicks or scratches ruined the song for me.  The advent of CDs was a godsend, I quickly replaced all of my vinyl with CDs, (why people want vinyl defies me), CDs are so much better.  I turned to Spotify for two reasons, I was running out of space to store CDs and the ease of trying new artists.  Adverts got me down so I turned to premium without regrets two years ago.  Sadly, my hearing is beginning to fail which is making me depressed although AirPods still give good results.  Playlists are my way of gathering music  from any one artist I may like at the time, just search on albums and import them.

Well I started using Spotify so I can listen to music when ever I want!


Follow my playlist California Love it has a Basketball Cover on it!



Hi, @Heythatsme I hope you're doing great! 


I have been here for at least 7 or 8 years, back then I guess you only had Apple Music or Spotify, I was with Apple but Spotify was way better, why? Because with the premium service, you were able to stream any song you wanted not the case with Apple Music back then...


Now we have a lot of options, and I don't really care to try a different one, I have a lot of playlists now here and I'm not interested in starting this on a new platform...


But I guess if I have to start today, I'll go with Spotify since has most of the market (users, and listeners) and that's the most important factor at least for me.







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musiCa Excelente, pero deben mejorar



Need help


Speravo, che abbonandomi a Premium potessi scaricare musica da attivare come suoneria per il cellulare.

Hi, I'm Echo


I wanted to come to Spotify to become an artist, so before I became an artist I have to tell you my story on how I became a Spotify Artist and all my adventures. 


it all starts when I have broke the record for the most songs on a playlist and named it "worlds longest playlist ever(new record) " and gained a lot of followers on that playlist which is at 145 likes with 11,000 songs with 701 hours of playtime. 


After I did that I started getting followers on my non-verified account and that's what wanted me to become an artist on Spotify. I started using Distrokid and gain 126 followers under a year (BabyEcho0Beats™ ✓⃝) and then I bought a plan that would make them one of my Agents on Spotify to modernizer and to post my music and also to pay me. 


and that's where my story ends until next time!


Have fun on Spotify and listen to great music. 


Social links)

YT: BabyEcho0

Spotify(Verified account): BabyEcho0

Distrokid/Slaps: BabyEcho0Beats™ ✓⃝

Spotify(Longest playlist): worlds longest playlist ever(new record


Honestly, I haven't looked into other music apps, but I did listen on YouTube for years. The ads on YouTube became more and more frequent (and annoying) that it became frustrating to use, so I was open to trying out different free music applications. Although Spotify's free version does have ads, it isn't as frequent as the ads are on YT (nor are they as annoying). In addition, I saw that Spotify had a large pool of artists to choose from, so I was able to save majority of the songs I already listened too.

My friends recommended Spotify, so I decided to use it. They also recommend the best editing apps like Remini Pro

Because the other music apps are even worst..

Spotify was my first way of finding music besides my mom's car radio. I got Spotify when I was ten and tried using other apps like Pandora, Amazon, Apple, Soundcloud, and Tidal. None of them compare to the UI of Spotify which I love so much. Spotify is constantly changing and creating new features for the app. I mostly use Spotify on my phone. When they added the + button in place of the ❤️ I was able to add songs to my playlist so much quicker. I love the sorting bar on the "your library page", I use Playlist- by you every day to find the right playlist and sort through all my blends and saved playlists. One feature I also love is the categories on the like songs. When I get bored with my playlists or don't have a playlist for a specific genre I use the categories and I think the songs they recommend fit the category 90% of the time

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