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why did you choose to use Spotify?


why did you choose to use Spotify?

There are a lot of other music apps that you could use to listen to music so why did you choose to use Spotify and not some other music app? What Feature etc. let you choose Spotify?

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This is a good question. I use Spotify because it seems to be a higher ended application most applications always have a spammy process to join within a Community, spotify blocks out these where you need a distrubutor to upload music to avoid Random audios on the platform. This is a good idea to remove the amount of spam, also I love the Colors spotify gives for their selections, and their amazing DJ Feature.

That is nice question!


I started using spotify in 2017 I guess and it was because I was bored of downloading every song into my mobile or computer everytime I found some new music that would pleasure my ears.. and youtube sucked because I know I couldn´t  turn off my device without stopping the song.


There are also apps like deezer or soundcloud but I have never became with them as familier as I did with spotify.. listening to music or podcasts is my hobby and I have literally over 80 000 minutes spent on spotify after a six months of counting it.


Spotify is my safeplace and I am glad that there is something like this app. I have nothing bad to say about spotify because I really feel that this is the app that suits me the Best!

I chose to use Spotify over other music apps for a few reasons. First of all, I appreciate the user-friendly interface and ease of navigation. It's easy to find new music and create playlists, which is important to me as a music lover. Additionally, I really value the app's curated playlists and personalized recommendations. I often discover new artists and songs that I may not have found otherwise. Finally, the fact that I can seamlessly switch between my phone and laptop without missing a beat is a huge plus for me. Overall, these features make Spotify the best choice for me when it comes to listening to music on the go.

When Spotify first came to the US, I tried out the free version off and on, but I mainly just used it for listening to specific songs and was not using it as my primary service. At the time, I was listening more to radio based streaming services that were available, such as Pandora and Slacker. I also subscribed to Rhapsody (a service similar to Spotify for listening to music on demand) for a while, and eventually I reached a point where I was jumping from service to service trying to find the one that was just right for me. At one point, I started using a lot for my music discovery and adding songs from it to Spotify. I found the two services to work very well together. I think the point where I became more fully sold on Spotify was when the program started to gain more discovery features, curated playlists, etc. I became a premium subscriber and have been for many years now. My need for using or other services for music discovery decreased, and now I'm at the point where Spotify pretty much covers all my music needs and seems to know my tastes very well, and I never feel like I don't have something to listen to.


Aside from all that, I enjoy Spotify because it's so well supported by a variety of Spotify Connect devices, such as the PlayStation and various standalone speakers. I also like to share music with friends and family using Spotify. Overall, I think Spotify just keeps getting better, and I can't wait to see what's next!

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I Chose Spotify for an unparalleled music streaming experience. With a vast library of over millions of songs, you can explore and discover music across genres, artists, and moods, all at your fingertips. Enjoy personalized playlists and recommendations that cater to your unique taste, creating a soundtrack that resonates with every moment of your life. With both free and premium subscription provided by options, you have the flexibility to listen seamlessly, whether it's on your computer, smartphone, or smart speaker. Join a global community of music enthusiasts, access exclusive releases, and support your favorite artists. Embrace the future of music with Spotify's user-friendly interface, innovative features, and the convenience of taking your music wherever you go.

Spotify is a prominent music streaming service known for its extensive music library, personalized playlists, user-friendly interface, and compatibility across various devices. Its convenience and vast content make it a popular choice for music enthusiasts worldwide. That Why do I choose Spotify ☺️☺️☺️

Spotify is a prominent music streaming service known for its extensive music library, personalized playlists, user-friendly interface, and compatibility across various devices. Its convenience and vast content make it a popular choice for music enthusiasts worldwide.

Huge library, music for every mood and great playlists

I stuck with Spotify after trying out a few options including Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and YouTube music. 

The biggest reason for going with Spotify was that it made easy to discover new music. The other services have functionality to do this also, but with Spotify it’s incorporated more thoroughly so it just happens organically. 


At first I thought the community was phenomenal but forgot that people suck and ruin anything that relies on cooperation and positivity so while it’s still cool it’s also infuriating. 

Biggest mistake to join Spotify. My sun has made family account and we have support it. But now I see Tidal was mostly good choice, but my sun won't to change account. This is one thing why I'm still here. Nothing to do in 2023 with mp3 quality of music. Loose also normal playlist suggestions - ever not seen so repeatedly created lists. Also don't understand how based on my Jazz, blues and rock liked music I always see new pop and rap releases with suggested non-listened music tracks? How? I don't know. 

I chose spotify cause Im stupid and love an app that dosnt let me listen to songs i want to listen to.

**bleep** app, get something else, if you want to listen to the music you want to listen to.

And why may you still be here, person who makes the world worse for existing in it?

7 years ago i joined spotify cause of my friends. whom shared new musics with me. i may have tried several players to listen music but spotify takes a special place. and then randomly discovered the desktop version which helped me a lot to keep listen while doing my assignments 😄

Well I chose Spotify because at the time it came into my knowledge I was instantly drawn towards the app tbh 🙂

I just loved the app how it worked and especially the dark mode of the app made it more attractive!!! And with the recent update I'm kinda upset.

Playback is my reason, although I still want losless audio quality;; crossfading songs and spotify connect..  I realized that putting songs in folders is what I needed because I was able to mix genres.

I used to love Spotify! I hate Spotify now! The app used to run so smoothly.  I have an iphone 14 running the latest IOS and updated Spotify App. Spotify sucks now! I hate what they did to this app!






Once listeners learn its intricacies, Spotify operates as well and better
due to a nice crossfading capability. Use folders for playback of the wide
discovery it offers and hold Spotify to its word of lossless audio
quality. Spotify does not cut out on cellular.


Bring back the god damn shuffle button, I left Apple Music because they literally lost thousands of my saved songs… and playlists I had spent years making, and reorganizing… but this no shuffle playlist thing… it’s enough to make me go back. Like no seriously. I once had a car, that if you had your phone connected to it, everytime you started the car it would play you’re entire library of music in alphabetical order automatically. Yeah this was supposed to be a “smart feature” needles (it should be needless) to say it was very annoying feature. I got sick and tired of the A team by ed, it’s now one of my most hated songs, just because of dumb software. Listen at the very least… wouldn’t it also make sense to get rid of the giant play button at the top of playlists too? Like if your solution is to choose a song and then shuffle, anyone who wanted to start their playlists at the beginning can just tap the first song… right there! All I’m saying is ARE YOU GUYS TRYING TO SHOOT YOURSELVES IN THE FOOT?!? Like seriously I get the business model I understand, you gotta keep innovating, as such I’ve never complained before… but this is just ridiculous! What possible benefit did removing the shuffle button do? Anyways… until it’s fixed… I will be headed back to Apple Music, they might loose my songs… but at least I can god damn shuffle without being forced to listen to the same song everytime first!

J'aime la musique classique surtout le piano et l'opéra, mais aussi le jazz.

J'écoute la musique principalement sur un système multi-room SONOS, mais aussi de temps en temps avec des lunettes Bose.
 je viens avec vous sur Spotify pour l'ergonomie de l'interface mais surtout pour la fonction "Spotify Connect"

I chose Spotify originally because I liked the features that suggest and curate new music for me.  However, I chose to stop paying for Spotify service because Spotify pays artists a mere fraction of what Apple Music and Tidal pay artists.  We're all here because of the artists, and I can't fund an organization that's built on music but doesn't adequately or fairly compensate artists for their work.  I feel genuinely sad to no longer subscribe to Spotify because I like the app and features, and once Spotify pays artists on par with what other streaming services pay I'd be happy to return.

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