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If Spotify is available in your location but you're having troubles getting the Web Player to load, here are some things that you can try:

  • A different browser or an incognito/private window.
  • Make sure that your browser is updated.
  • Restart your router.
  • Check a different network. If it loads on another connection, we recommend contacting the service provider of the original network for more information.
  • Some shared or public networks (e.g. schools/work/office) restrict access to certain services. You can contact those responsible for managing the network for more information.
  • You can also try checking your hosts file. 

To try this:

1. Open Notepad as an administrator (right-click - Open as Administrator)
2. Go to File - Open and navigate to


3. Choose "All Files" instead of "Text Documents" next to the File Name box. You'll see a handful of files. Pick hosts and click on Open.
4. The file is opened. You will see a block of text with # in front of each line and might see entries like

Check for any entries with spotify or fastly in the address. Examples may look like: 

(and any variations inbetween)
5. If you do find any, you can delete the line. You can also add a # in front of the line, that's 'commenting out'. 
6. Save your changes. Refresh the Web Player.



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