How do I become a Spotify Beta tester?

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If you're interested in getting a Beta version of Spotify before all your friends, click on the device type that you'd like to join for more sign-up information!




iOS (this is currently full)





Click here to join the Android Beta.


I'm getting the message Application already exists', what do I do?

Please delete the previous Spotify app from your device. Then try again. 

Another option to try is to download application from desktop version of Play Store. A few guys reported it works for them.


Is Beta of Spotify for Android is available worldwide?

The Beta for Android is available in all Spotify launch countries. You can find the full list of territories here


What version of Android do I need? 

Your Android device must meet the Spotify System Requirements outlined here.


Can I install the Beta and public release version on the same device?

You can't have both Spotify apps on your phone. You'll need to delete the version that is released in the Google Play Store to start using the Beta. 


How I can return back to normal release?

Leave the Beta program by clicking Leave the Test in the Play Store [ ]
Uninstall the Beta version of the Spotify app.



Currently our iOS is at capacity. We will update you all here if there's an update. 


I have a new phone and I want to be on the Beta again.

All you need to do is download TestFlight from the App Store. Then sign in with your Apple credentials to get the Spotify Beta again.


Can I have release notes?

When we push a new Beta to the group we will post an announcement in the board. It'll include some brief release notes as well as specific things we'd like you all to test if you can. 


How I can return back to normal release?

Uninstall the Beta version of the Spotify app on your device. Then install Spotify from the App Store. 


What version of iOS do I need? 

Your iOS device must meet the Spotify System Requirements outlined here


I've applied to join a Beta board. How long does it take to get accepted?


It can take some time to be added to a Beta board. Our developers should go through and accept applications as often as possible.



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