How do I get access to Spotify for Artists?

Community Manager
Community Manager

 If your profile has already been claimed, you’ll see the blue verification tick when viewing it in the desktop app. If that’s the case, a member of your team can give you access by following these steps. Artist teams that deliver their releases using Distrokid, CD Baby, or Emubands are given instant access to their artist profile.


If you’re an artist or a member of an artist’s management team and your artist profile hasn’t yet been claimed, or you haven’t used Distrokid, CD Baby, or Emubands as your distributor, you can request access to Spotify for Artists here.


Once you’ve submitted your request, it’ll be reviewed by a member of the Creator Support team; it can sometimes take a few days before you’re granted access, but don’t worry, the team will get to it as quickly as possible! You can speed up the verification process by verifying your request using your official artist Twitter or Instagram account.


And one more thing; you’ll need a Spotify account in order to get access to Spotify for Artists. If you haven’t got one yet, you’ll be given the steps to set one up when you request access.


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