What is Premium Duo and how does it work?

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Premium Duo is a discount subscription for two people living together. The subscription plan that lets you include a separate Spotify account for each user, both people keep their own music and login details. 


How to use Premium Duo as a manager?

The Premium Duo manager is the member who signs up for the plan and gets charged by Spotify on a monthly basis. The manager can also invite or remove members by logging in to their account page


How does the billing work?

Spotify only charges the plan manager, never the invited member. If you see unexpected charges, you can check the guide for finding any additional accountsThe full amount is being charged monthly, regardless of whether the other member joins. 


If you've already subscribed to Premium with Spotify, your billing will switch automatically and you won’t need to cancel anything. Your new payment date will likely be a few days earlier than usual to cover the price difference between Premium Individual and Premium Duo. 


What features does the plan offer?


  • Duo Mix. Duo Mix is a playlist that combines the music you and the other member on your plan listen to. It comes preloaded with genres, artists, and songs you’ve each played on your own and updates the more you play. Your music doesn’t appear in Duo Mix until you join. If you leave, your songs are removed. 


  • Change Address. If you move or the wrong details were entered at signup, the plan manager can change the address by logging in to their account page. The other member on the plan may be asked to confirm the new address to continue using the plan.



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