How do I find if I have another Spotify account?






It's very easy to register for a Spotify account. Missing playlists or music from your account? Seeing charges for your Premium but when you log in, your account is on Free?


If you're having troubles like these, we'd recommend first taking a look for any additional accounts you may have with us. It's possible your missing playlists or subscription are in there 🙂


There are several ways you can use to locate a Spotify account:


1. Check your email addresses 


  • Enter any email addresses you use into our password reset form. If there's an account associated with it, we’ll let you know in your email inbox. Tip: you can look for an email with the subject “Reset your password” and then follow the steps to recover your account.
  • Check your email inboxes, including any spam or junk folders, for emails from Spotify. If you have any, it’s likely there’s an account associated with that email address. 


Once you've checked your email addresses and found any of the above, you can use that email address to log in.


If you aren't sure of your account's password, continue to reset the account’s password, then use that email address and the new password to log in.


2. Check Facebook


It's also possible to register for a Spotify account using your Facebook credentials. To check if you have a Spotify account connected to Facebook:

  1. Log into Facebook and select Settings on the dropdown in the top-right.
  2. Choose Apps and Websites.
  3. If you see the Spotify icon, you have a Spotify account connected to Facebook. 

If you find Spotify listed in your apps, you can access that Spotify account by choosing LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK in the login page.


If you'd like to go on using Spotify without Facebook or have deactivated Facebook, we'd suggest taking a look at this Spotify Answer for more info.


3. Check for info on your device


If you’ve used the Spotify app on a Windows or Mac desktop or an Android mobile device, you can find your username with information stored on your device


Once you've located your account's username, you can follow the steps here to access it again.


Didn’t work?


If you're still having troubles locating any additional Spotify account, there's also this useful survey you can take that can help point you in the right direction.



On another note, to avoid confusion, we'd suggest following the steps highlighted in this Spotify Answer to close any additional Spotify accounts you have. 



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