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30-band EQ apps broken with SDK change: screenshot comparison with Spotify’s own 6-band EQ.

30-band EQ apps broken with SDK change: screenshot comparison with Spotify’s own 6-band EQ.



Please note how the SDK change has ruined my enjoyment of your service by comparing these screenshots of MyuRa (on iOS) 30-band EQ (with 0.1 db of precision) with Spotify’s integrated 6-band EQ… an EQ that doesn’t even provide numerical feedback.


I want to hear my headphones as flat as possible, on the go - I have already obtained corrective values for my headphones from the web, and I can input them with 0.1db of precision inside of a 3rd party app that includes many other features… spectrum analyser, oversampling, limiter, surround modes - except now I can’t, because the app no longer works with Spotify, and so my listening experience has been ruined.


No more to add as the comparison screenshots speak for themselves - I pray that you will reconsider re-enabling the SDK, this decision merely serves to be upsetting all of the end users who have been enjoying a variety of functionality via a multitude of 3rd-party apps - and can no longer do so.


We’re not going to simply forget how our enjoyment of the service has been crushed, and the amount of controversy and disillusionment here alone is more than enough to make paying users like myself want to stop giving you our money.


Please reenable the original SDK so that we can continue to enjoy the service you provide properly.


Thank you for your time.


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I 100% support what you said. I too was using a 30-band equaliser app which outshone Spotify's built-in eq. I'm not a massive audiophile but I've completely lost the enjoyment of listening to my playlists without my personalised eq settings. I'm currently looking for alternatives. 
Please let me know if you find anything at your end.



Thanks for the support Beatrice! I agree, my music is also now just not the same. On a PC or Mac it’s possible to eq the entire system (you can PM me for info if needed) - but on the go, especially for iOS, it’s not possible. That’s why these apps that can manipulate the Spotify sound source are (were…) a godsend for anyone wanting their own eq settings on the go. Really essential for those who travel / are out and about a lot.


The obvious solution is for Spotify to enable both SDK’s if they want to use their new one - and give users and app developers the choice. I don’t know what else we can do apart from complaining and cancelling our subscriptions in order for them to get the message, personally I do feel I will have to cancel if this doesn’t get sorted out. Looking for alternatives is a good idea - let me know how that goes and I’ll do the same - in the meantime, let’s hope that Spotify come to their senses…



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