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403 forbidden error on Spotify API, v2

403 forbidden error on Spotify API, v2



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I'm facing the same issues with the Spotify API for my application Guestpectacular (04faea73cf99467b8c117a33870cd3bc) as I did back in January 2023. After my last post, the issue disappeared, and I was able to continue using the Spotify API.


The app has been running smoothly since 2019, but once again, in the past month, I've been unable to access the Spotify API using my credentials in the production environment. Strangely, I can access the Spotify API with the exact credentials in the dev environment. During this time, none of my users could sign in using Spotify API or create/update playlists.


Whenever I try to renew a token, I receive the error with code 403: "Your client does not have permission to get URL /api/token from this server."


I've sought help on in both English and Spanish. In English, I didn't receive a ticket number, and the support assistant, Shruthi B, informed me they don't use ticket numbers and ended the conversation. In Spanish, I did receive a ticket number, but after a couple of days, the ticket was closed without any response.


As you can see, these attempts resulted in closed tickets and instructions to seek assistance on this forum. I'm uncertain about the next steps, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance


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