502 bad gateway on player requests

502 bad gateway on player requests


Spotify premium plan

Windows 10

ASP .NET core 6 web api


this morning I was working on developing a personal project that relies on Spotify integration. Requests we working fine, but around 2:30pm eastern time, calls to the me/player endpoint started returning a 502 Bad Gateway response. When I put in an incorrect token or device ID, I get the appropriate responses, but when I provide the correct information, I get the 502 response. All of the other endpoints are working fine, including fetching list of active devices. Error happens when making proxied calls through my API, curl in terminal, and also postman. Have tried on two different computers. Anybody else having a similar issue today?


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I'm getting the same error. I create the player using new Spotify.Player(...), then add the event listeners, then call player.connect(), which returns successfully, then I get a 'ready' event containing the device_id. When I try to activate the device using '/me/player' with the device_id, I get a 502 error.


I'm getting this error too now. The frustrating part was that the /me/player endpoint was working for me two days ago, but now all I'm getting are 502 errors.


I get the same 502 error every time I try to access the /me/player/repeat endpoint:


curl -X "PUT" "" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer BQApzScPE86oI7-TPpUYP2RMaJxQRK1xiWiso8L8xhQ9aXFNozYkgk37i-NGQzDF2VNJWfvRPYnIGMxPdbNTQ3Duawebvh4KY4bGnMtYSXJJROQqrFAEY5795OBHJ0-ME0jSY_DGzQMa66-SI4u618n9-evBrBW7nG0_kEWCY3MsJfKDCQWIhxw2-wrSrQm_wQOSsmldMesK_TOMdYYtQlk3Pma9SrcJTbSgvGbTlpQoC1euVAhdnB4_nP9_OX5iUZr1_d--wCLe6nK-kWAvNHq8lbcpYIwJpdj0idHCfwLeIQ"
  "error": {
    "status": 502,
    "message": "Bad gateway."

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