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Regarding Insufficient client scope

Regarding Insufficient client scope

Hi Spotify Team

Greetings, We have integrated your SpotifyiOS SDK for iOS devices based on this documentation start/ and we are facing some inconsistent issues while authorising with the API self.appRemote.authorizeAndPlayURI(“”) and we are receiving the access token through open url delegate call and we set that in configuration as mentioned int the document

After receiving the access token we can able to connect to remote "appRemote.connect()" and while calling this API with the access token we are getting this error for some accounts and for some it’s working fine

error = {
message = "Insufficient client scope"; status = 403;


I am mentioning the scope granted for us


Please provide your feedbacks to proceed further

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Hi @vaigundaanand


Thanks for sharing so many details here. Does the problem go away when the affected users re-authenticate? I noticed that your list included user-library-read twice, is that reflected in your app code too? 

As the app is in live we can't make the user to re authenticate and how the re authentication works by connecting to the remote again?

user-library-read is the scope we got permission for and we didn't add it to the code as per the document there is no api to add the scope for the sdk

user-library-read that's a typo I have pasted it twice in the above explanation please provide me the steps how can I resolve this issue

I was having a similar issue with Web app starting today giving back similar responses where previously it was working for users. Updated scope to include 'user-follow-read' seems to have resolved. Not sure why previous calls to /v1/me/following were working without this scope.

I'm having the same problem. I'm working on a web-app and yesterday I started to get Insufficient client scope error when getting user's saved songs, although before it was working fine and I haven't made any changes in that particular piece of code. I have even gone back to previous commits to see if I have changed something by mistake but I haven't.

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