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iPhone 11 Pro Max

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iOS 15.5


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I am seeking to find help on having a one-time "Authorization" process between our app and spotify. Please see the attached for your reference. 
In the "" video you can see once we press "PLAY" in our app, it takes the user to Spotify and have it "Authorize" before playing any music. 
Comparing this to an Apple Music user, it's a seamless experience without going to an "Authorization" process. 
We would love for Spotify users in our app to be as seamless as possible. 
Another issue with being a Spotify user is that the "Authorization" does drop after a while making real-time music listening with others inconsistent.
Being able to listen to music together with others is our number one priority. Currently, music listening is still an isolated experience and we want to help with this issue. 
Really hope to get find a solution on this, this is the biggest issue we have at the moment. When this issue is resolved it would be a great experience for both Spotify and Apple.  We ask to please kindly, advise.


Thank you for any information you have.

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