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API Rejection <> Developer Email Contact

API Rejection <> Developer Email Contact


I've submitted an app at least 5 times yet continue to get rejected. Is there a direct Spotify Developer email I can contact as I believe the rejection is a bug?

The reason for rejection is below, but my app does not artificially increase play counts. 

"The Spotify Platform can not be used to artificially increase play counts, follow counts or to otherwise manipulate the Spotify Service. For example by providing any form of compensation (financial or otherwise) to users." 

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It's best to contact the Support team at Spotify for Developers here. They'll be able to look into your issue further.

Hi, do you have an updated link? It seems this one leads to a 404.



You can reach out to Spotify for Developers on Twitter: @SpotifyPlatform.

To be sure that the email address will not be bleeped: someone shared an email from them in this comment.

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