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API Specify Playlist Location in Folder

API Specify Playlist Location in Folder

I've created a Python program that stores my Discover Weekly automatically, but I'd like to specify the location for these newly-created Spotify playlists. I'm not sure if this is possible since it's not explicitly mentioned in the documentation, and I couldn't find answers on the web (there were questions about the creation of a folder, which was not possible):


Anyone that could let me know if it's possible to have these automatically created playlists be located in an Archive/Discover Weekly's subfolder?

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hi! came to the forum to look for workarounds. apparently querying and creating folders is officially not supported 😞 it's a showstopper for my project, would be nice if a feature request would pass to expose an endpoint for it.
link to docs

created a community suggestion, if you're still interested in this issue would be nice if you dropped a like on it 🙂

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