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API doesnt work

API doesnt work

sometimes the API does not work and my python codes are running without an end.

It just says ,,run file".

Whats the problem here? Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Is it just that the API has server problems ?

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it also changed the development mode to disabled and blocked

I can't see your code, but I think it has something to do with rate limiting:

thank you for your reply.

this could be. it doesnt matter wicht code i use, can be super easy things. so if i use it to often, it pauses me for a day?

I dont get an error message

I don't know what is happening with me, but every time I log in to my Spotify account for developers section it displays  'couldn't load your dashboard'. So I couldn't get my API key.


hi @pythonguy

Yes, I think it can block you for a day if it thinks you abuse it.

But, I haven't seen any of your code, and maybe there's an error.

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