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API me/player/devices return status": 503, "message": "Service unavailable"

API me/player/devices return status": 503, "message": "Service unavailable"

We have been getting this error from the API for the last 8 hours (it also shows on the spotify api test page). Can anyone tell if this is being investigated?
  "error": {
    "status": 503,
    "message": "Service unavailable"

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Spotify had a malfunction, as you can read here. It should work now. (When I tested it, it worked.)

Hi Ximzend and thanks for your reply. 

The error you refer to is something completely different. The error I posted about is an error on an endpoint in the API, and the endpoint still fails like 50% of every call.

Yes, same here. But only when I do PUT oder POST requests tho

I am experiencing the same issue on endpoint. I notified customer service yesterday but no change

Same here. I've been having issues with this endpoint since yesterday morning (roughly 4AM EST time on friday), and it still does not work. I'm having mostly 503 Service unavailable issues but I do remember having 502 errors yesterday. Can't do much troubleshooting today so I won't be able to provide any further information for today, but basically that's what's happening.

I keep getting these all the time for some weeks(?) now probably. Nothing I could see wrong in my code...

I've been using the Spotify API in my application for a long time and everything worked fine, unfortunately for three days half of the requests to end with a response with status code 503 and information { error : { status: 503, message: 'Service unavailable' } }, I also noticed the 502 code a few times.

I can tell my app code hadn't changed but I started getting 503 a week ago.


I think this is broad and touches a bunch of different endpoints. I know for sure that this one is being affected:

Can confirm this is still affecting some of our users on multiple different endpoints, such as play/skip. Wondering if it depends on where the API call originated from? I can't replicate it in NA, but have some users in Europe that can. 

Good point about the region. Those who have reported their origin to me are EU based, too. 

Hi, we are EU based as well (origin of this post)

Same in Europe. There are multiple threads for this already.

Does anyone know if there is a way to escalate this issue? 

The issue seems to be gone, at least from here (Europe - Denmark)
Can anyone confirm?

Not solved as of 19/1/2023 11 AM CET. Both 503 and once and  while 504 errors.

Even this reply took 11 attempts (unexpected errors)...

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