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Access to CocoaLibSpotify / iOS Streaming SDK

Access to CocoaLibSpotify / iOS Streaming SDK

To the Spotify team,


Per the recent news announcement, looks like Spotify is finally cutting access to libspotify:


Does this affect CocoaLibSpotify & the older iOS Streaming SDK? As many companies are still relying on these frameworks to stream audio within our own apps, instead of remotely controlling the Spotify app.


If it does, is there any alternative currently? And is there gonna be any new library coming out to support this?


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Can we please get some update on this? The old SDK still works perfectly fine but I worry what will happen on May 16th, I have hundreds of users which rely on that old SDK, the new one just doesn’t cut it

Bumping so maybe someone from Spotify finally answers, this is really important

Hi @wiiwiiw and @Zeyu,

Yes, CocoaLibSpotify is affected here, it relied on libspotify. The iOS and Android streaming SDKs are different from libspotify and won't be shut down on May 16th. But I encourage anyone who still uses the old iOS/Android streaming SDKs to stop using them too; they are not maintained. Hope this is helpful.

Thank you @spotifyjosh for the response. We are very much aware that the old SDKs are not supported anymore, but to this day it is working properly and are giving us great results. The new SDK (at least on iOS) has a lot of issues.


  • At this moment there are more than 160 open issues on GitHub, the top 10 most commented issues are not resolved and are mostly left without any response from Spotify developers
  • Last release was published in Feb 2020, that's more than 2 years ago now and it was just to re-package the code into a XCFramework
  • The SDK requires the main Spotify app running in background which causes issues on devices with low RAM capacity
  • According to issues on GitHub the library is not reliable at all and frequently loses connection with main app which requires user to switch back and forth between the host and client apps

So while we know that old streaming SDK will not be working forever, the new SDK in its current state would break the user experience in our app. We're hoping that some day it will reach stability and will become feasible to use it to provide great user experience

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