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Active Documentation Missing Info

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Currently I am using the Web-API refrence Docs to help understand waht requests need to be made for what data. My issues is that it appears as thoguh some sections of the docs are not up to date and/or not completed. For example under the `/playlists/{playlist_id}/tracks` documentation, there is no form for how the data is supposed to be received. it simply states that items are "an array of objects"


Am i to assume that one of the keys under the returned items array it speaks of here are the same as what is under the `/tracks/{id}`? 


even if i do assume this when i look at the response body of my request i can see that there are other fields not mentioned such as

  1. added_at
  2. added_by
  3. is_local
  4. primary_color
  5. video_thumbnail

My overall question is if there are more updated docs, if not where can i get the infomration im looking for from the linked documentation?

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