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Add features and plugins

In my daily use, I feel like the functionality really doesn't match the way I hear and approach music. I have some features that I really would want to have in Spotify. When I search for them in the community, I always meet a bunch of people who also ask for them, but the answer is that is not going to be made right now (sometimes you say it's because you prefer the simplicity of the interface).
My question is if I have a chance to develop those features, use them with plugins or anyway. I am ready to learn and to work, because it's important for me and I get very frustrated not having those opportunities. For my private use or for more people.
Actually if there isn't a way, and as I see you consistently push aside all of these suggestions, I can't see a way of staying in Spotify, although it has its advantages.
Please give us some way to improve our experience.
Examples for features (mostly in the mobile app):
- Play next/Add to queue option.
- Add album or playlist to the queue as one entity (so you can remove or reorder it all together).
- Playlist based on a group of artists (and not songs).
- Folders of playlists.
- Play button on albums (as we have in the desktop app).
Thank you!
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