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Adding snippets of songs to one long song via API

Adding snippets of songs to one long song via API

i wondered if Spotify allows to build an app that plays only parts of songs (like 30seks) and then jumps to the next song to play again only 30 seks. The snippets are faded into each other. As Spotify stopped support for DJ apps, i wanted to know if that is similar and also forbidden?
Thank you!

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Hey @SpotMaster, help's here!


Thanks for reaching out! I've taken a look at the Spotify Developer Terms of Service and I recommend taking a look at these parts from point IV.3:


  1. Synchronization. You may not synchronize any sound recordings accessed through the Spotify Platform with any visual media, including any advertising, film, television program, slideshow, video, or similar content.
    1. Mixing, overlapping and re-mixing. You may not, and you may not permit any device or system used in connection with the Spotify Service to, segue, mix, re-mix, or overlap any Spotify Content with any other audio content (including other Spotify Content)
  1. Audio-specific restrictions. Streaming through the Spotify Platform shall only be made available to subscribers to the Premium Spotify Service. Please note that the (i) Widgets (ii) Audio Preview Clips or (iii) control of a background Spotify Application via the Spotify Platform, may be made available to Spotify users who do not subscribe to the Premium service to the extent such functionality is available through the Spotify Platform. You shall only make Audio Preview Clips available for streaming in the territories in which the corresponding full length track is available. Audio Preview Clips may only be used to promote the underlying musical content and not for, personalisation or messaging products podcasts or similar products.


Let me know if that answers your question!


Have a good one,


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Hi Hubo,

Thank you very much for your super fast response. And yes, it helps. I read that part before. Just to clarify:
If i play the snippets after each other, it should be fine, right?

But if i want to add a voice over which for example explains something and the snippet is just "back ground noise", it is forbidden right? Do you know a work around, which would allow exactly that?
Thank you very much in advance.
Beste regards,

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