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Android authentication failing since I was granted quota extension

Android authentication failing since I was granted quota extension

I recently applied and was granted a quote extension for my app. Ever since then it seems no users can authenticate via the Android Spotify app remote.


The code is all correct to the best of my knowledge and was working fine for me before.

val connectionParams = ConnectionParams.Builder(SpotifyParameters.CLIENT_ID)

I receive a UserNotAuthorizedException with the error message "Explicit user authorization is required to use Spotify. The user has to complete the auth-flow to allow the app to use Spotify on their behalf".


I've tried clearing the Spotify app data and signing in again and the problem is the same. I assume it's something to do with the client id and redirect URI. As an experiment I created a new test project in the Spotify developer console and used the client id and redirect URI from that and it works fine again.


I believe the app SHA-1 signatures for release/debug builds are entered correctly with my app package as they are the same as firebase and this works without issue.

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Howldy UndeadCretin!
It seems like you're facing an authentication issue with the Spotify Android SDK after being granted a quota extension. The error message you're receiving suggests that explicit user authorization is required to use Spotify, and the user needs to complete the authorization flow to allow your app to use Spotify on their behalf.

Here are a few things you can try to resolve this issue:

  • Double-check your client ID and redirect URI: Ensure that you are using the correct client ID and redirect URI in your code. Verify that the client ID matches the one registered in the Spotify developer console for your application.

  • Verify the redirect URI setup: Make sure that the redirect URI you are using in your code matches the one configured in the Spotify developer console. The redirect URI should be properly registered and associated with your application.

  • Check the authorization scopes: Ensure that you have requested the necessary authorization scopes required for your app to access the required Spotify features. Review the scopes you have requested and make sure they align with your app's functionality.

  • Verify the SHA-1 signatures: Double-check that the SHA-1 signatures for both release and debug builds are correctly entered in the Spotify developer console. Ensure that the signatures match the ones used in your app's package.

My paws are crossed for good news, keep me in the know!

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PragueSpotify Star
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Turns out the problem is Spotify won't let me get permission required for the Android SDK because my app has some kind of monetization in (which is in no way related to music or the Spotify content). After several days effort integrating all this I have no choice but to throw away all the Spotify integration, because apparently I am only welcome to use it in free apps. 


My app would only have encouraged more users to use Spotify/buy the premium and has over 1 million active installs, but I no longer have any desire to work with such mega corporations and there ridiculous rules.

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