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App Development Legalities

App Development Legalities


My team and I are working on developing an App/Program using Spotify's API’s. I have contacted upwards of 20 lawyers and attorneys, trying to find someone to confirm our questions and concerns to ensure we are not infringing on any laws/Spotify legal terms. But unfortunately, I keep reaching dead ends, as no one seems to know any attorneys specifically in music rights policies. 


Our app's main purpose is to allow our users more control over their private events (birthday parties, graduation parties, cocktail parties, etc.) Our app will be used to help organize the user's event, and to send them push notifications as a reminder to keep them on their timeline for their scheduled playlists/activities (dinner playlist, pause for a welcome announcement, dancing playlist, etc.) The app is essentially their private timeline and music coordinator. 


Our clients will be logging into their Spotify premium account through our app. They will then add the estimated time of each playlist when it should be played (Cocktail Playlist 6 pm - 7 pm, Dinner Playlist 7 pm - 8 pm, etc.) During the event, the user will receive push notifications that is time for their next playlist/scheduled activity.


Why we do believe that this shouldn't be an issue, is because this really is no different than someone having a large event/gathering at their home and playing Spotify through their phone, plugged into speakers, for their guests to listen to. Our app just helps the user have more organization and sends reminders of their timeline during their event. 


Before the actual development of this app, we just wanted to make sure all of our bases are covered. We wanted to see if our clients would need to fill out some type of contract to make sure their event does not infringe on Spotify’s legalities… “Is this a private event? (Yes/No) Is this a fundraiser? (Yes/No) How many people are attending your event? ____ Do you personally know all of your guests? (Yes/No) 
None of this may even be necessary... I am not sure. But that is the reason for my thread, to make sure we are doing everything properly to Spotify’s terms and conditions. 
One last point I want to share is how we plan on charging our client. The client will not be paying us for playing the music. When the users decide to use our app for their event, they will be paying for the paperwork and organization of the event details on our end, as well as the speaker setup/rental for them to plug their phones/iPads into, to play music from their Spotify account for their event. 
Thank you for your time and all of your help!
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I assume that by "clients" you mean companies:

"Do not build products or services which are targeted for use by businesses, such as in-store or by retail employees. Spotify is for personal, non-commercial use which means it can’t be broadcast or played publicly from a business, such as radio stations, bars, restaurants, stores, dance studios, etc., see the Customer Support website for more details." - Spotify Developer Policy

As mentioned clearly in my previous message, this is not for commercial use. Clients are being referred to as standard customers that would be booking a service for equipment rental for their private parties/events. 


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