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App Seemingly Begun Failing

App Seemingly Begun Failing

Hi, I created an app to automatically update the title/description/image of my playlist every minute. I have now run into an issue with the playlist that I cannot even edit it all, whether manually or with code. If I try to add or delete songs, they will not be added or deleted, if I try to change a song's spot in the playlist, it will revert back to where it was immediately, and changing the title/description/image doesn't work either. I'm not sure if this is a bug on Spotify's side or my app's side, because it's almost like the playlist is blocked from being edited at all. I have other playlists that I have no issue editing. I went into the app dashboard and this chart is concerning: 

Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 10.35.52 AM.png

Can anyone explain what this would mean to you? The 3/8 date is about the time where I first noticed this issue. I am a complete beginner to coding, so I'm really not sure what to make of it. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks.

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It seems like you've hit a rate limit. Try using the API less frequent.

I had it running updating the playlist every minute for almost 2 years now. Is the rate limit just a threshold that is hit that it stops working? If so, could I just make a new app for it? I'm sorry I have very little knowledge on this topic. And I don't really understand why hitting the rate limit would completely prevent me from making any edits to the playlist at all (including manually).

Just looked into the AWS lambda where the app was deployed, and it is also showing errors starting on March 8. This is feeling like a chicken or the egg thing for me. Is the app failing because spotify for some reason isn't allowing me to make any edits to this playlist anymore, or are edits to the playlist failing because something went wrong with the app. I'm very confused.

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