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Artist Genres not being returned from /tracks route

Artist Genres not being returned from /tracks route

Hey all!


I'm making requests to the GET /tracks, and whereas the documentation here states that genres will be returned within the artists field, I'm seeing that's not the case in my responses. Is this no longer supported within the API?


3 Replies

Hey rdoshi, please how were you able to solve this issue

I'm having the same problem. Do you have any clue if this is a recent problem or if the API has always been like this?

Same issue. My integration works perfectly, except no genres are returned when 'genres' is supplied as a field under artist and album. And there is no empty array returned for genres either which would be expected as indicated by the docs. It seems like a bug in either the docs or api. Any updates from spotify? Happy to collaborate to help repro.

( this is via the /playlists/{playlistid} end point, haven't tested /tracks explicitly)

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