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Authorization Code Flow for Artists and Managers

Authorization Code Flow for Artists and Managers


 Hello everyone,


 I have got one question when implementing the Authorization Code Flow.


 Once the user authorize access to an Application and the app use the request token to web api to get user data like in the example bellow:




 The  type param will always be user or if an Artist/Manager authorizes the app will be something like artist/manager ?


 My application Use Case has different scenarios to deal with Users/Artists/Managers. It would be nice to know in the Authorization flow what type of user each one is.


Thank you,

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Hey @juniormp, thanks for reaching out!


Good question! I've taken a look and since artist profiles/manager profiles are logged into using a regular Spotify account, it's not possible to determine whether the user is an artist/manager at this moment. 


If this is something you'd like to see, I recommend creating a new idea on the Ideas board. That way, Spotify can keep track of it.


Feel free to give me a shout, if you have any questions!


Hope you're having a great day,


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