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Bug Report: Deep Links broken in Desktop App


Bug Report: Deep Links broken in Desktop App

It appears deep links (i.e., linking to a specific song on a playlist) isn't working on the Spotify desktop app right now (MacOS). 


Same link will work on mobile, but return an error "Couldn't find that song" on desktop app.

Thanks a lot in advance for reviewing/fixing this bug. 


Thank you!

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 3.09.23 PM.png
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I'm having the same issue. Both on Windows and iOS

Noticed this bug last year...  A fix would be appreciated.

I also noticed this issue a couple of months back. It's a big problem and I support the other users here asking for a fix to be prioritized. Thanks!

Same issue! Please fix this! 

I've been having the same issue and hope it will be fixed asap.

Same issue 

same for me, any sign of a fix yet?

Yes, It must be some kind of bug with Spotify's API.  Spotify techs can probably fix this in an instant. Please help Spotify Artist Support @spotifyartistsupport @spotifyforartists


I use MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1 for desktop  and iOS Version 17.2.1 for mobile

Same problem, please fix it!

Same issue. Really would like to see this fixed!

Fix this asap

Hey folks,


Thank you for keeping in contact.


To continue investigating this case with the relevant teams, could any of you provide examples of the deep links you're trying to navigate to and where from? This will help us understand the issue a bit more.


We appreciate your help. We'll be on the lookout.

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Thank you for assisting with this, Oscar!
Here is an example of a deep link:

On Spotify's mobile app, this will open the song "Take Me Down" on the playlist "Dubai Deep House 2024". 
But on Spotify's desktop app, this link will just open a blank screen (no music playing) or say "Could not find that song".

Deep links to songs on playlists used to work on both on Spotify's mobile and desktop app but recently broke for the desktop app. 

Thank you for your support!

Hm, the deep link I posted was auto-converted to an embedded player. Let me try posting it here again with quotes so you can see the actual URL:


@OscarDC - I seem to have a hard time pasting a deep link here without it being converted to an embedded player.  

Trying it one more time and "unlinking" it in the text. If this still doesn't work, please let me know best way to share this here so you can actually see it. Thank you!

I tested that URL on desktop and mobile. All seems to work well on mobile (iPhone latest iOS). But desktop still not working properly. Spotify song page loads on the web version, but if I choose "open in Spotify App" I get a blank black page. 

Thanks for commenting here and hopefully this issue can be resolved. 


Yes, you're exactly right - that's the bug...
On desktop it should start playing the song on that playlist but shows a blank page instead. 

Welcome John i hope link working now happy weekend 

We've had the exact same issue.


One thing to keep in mind when you're fixing this bug (which it is a bug), is that John Gold runs and uses this playlist feature that you're fixing to drive up his (and user's) streaming revenue in a manner in which should be considered streaming fraud, because users of his service aren't aware of how it actually works. And because they aren't aware, they should not be punished, for the record.

Specifically, Hypeddit has a Spotify Growth Switch whereby they automate the creation of Meta ads for Facebook and Instagram. On the surface, it looks like a simple tool to help automate the creation of what can be complex ads on Meta. And it does do a very good job at that. I suspect that most users think of it as only that. That part is totally legitimate.

However, what users don't know is that in addition to the Meta paid ads that they help set up, Hypeddit also utilizes a network of fake streamers and/or bots that they also push these ads on their platform out to. They bypass Meta entirely and push to another pool of users/bots to run up number on what appear to users as the Meta ads. 

Therefore, the real Meta ads that they create are masking a lot of fake bot traffic to make it appear like it's all legit. And he then creates these very short songs (about 2 minutes long) to go for volume of plays - a practice he encourages to run up numbers in the training course.

I have proof of this fake network of bots that they call the Hypeddit Ads Manager and I have proof (screenshots) from Meta confirming to me that these "ads" are not running on the Meta platform, rather coming from Hypeedit. I also have screen shots of users interacting with these ads pushed out by Hypeedit. Hypeedit does not advertise that they push out ads to their own network. It's all suggested that these are only Meta ads, but they are not. There's another pool of bots/fake users that Hypeedit copies and pushes our ads out to to run up streaming numbers by using this playlist feature that he wants fixed.


I have screenshots proving this and would be happy to discuss with you if you contact me privately. Please fix the bug for us legitimate users who want to keep listeners on our playlists, but be aware that John Gold and Hypeedit are abusing this feature.

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