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Bug Report: Deep Links broken in Desktop App


Bug Report: Deep Links broken in Desktop App

It appears deep links (i.e., linking to a specific song on a playlist) isn't working on the Spotify desktop app right now (MacOS). 


Same link will work on mobile, but return an error "Couldn't find that song" on desktop app.

Thanks a lot in advance for reviewing/fixing this bug. 


Thank you!

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 3.09.23 PM.png
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What are you talking about? Once you create the ads in Hypeddit, you can see these directly in Meta ads manager. The service is just a shortcut to ads manager. Nothing else is happening from what I can see. I am not seeing bots either.

That's some slanderous stuff @thememac   Even if what you say is true, anybody that has spent anytime on John's content and tools knows he's doing a lot to help people grow their fanbase. And $7 a month is a price that any musician can afford. In a world where so many scam artists are preying on musicians, he stands out as one of the good guys.
I think anybody that has come across him knows it's about helping artists build a real organic fanbase, and is seeing results. 
If you agree with me, don't sit their silent, and let somebody get away with tearing somebody's reputation down. 
Back me up and show some support for a one of the few good guys. 

I'd like to see this "proof" you say you have. I have created several Meta ad campaigns using Hypeddit's tool, and I can confirm that they 100% show up in my Meta Ads Manager as regular campaigns. I have also ended up editing them in Meta Ads Manager many times to make more advanced customizations to my ads that you can't do inside of Hypeddit. 


The ads and ad sets are literally no different than any other ads that I have manually created using Meta Ads Manager-- at least, I've seen 0 difference. It targets people based using Facebook's available's not like it targets a super secret ad set of Hypeddit bots haha. You would be able to see that inside of Meta Ads Manager, no?


But by all means, if you have proof of this, I would honestly love to see it.


Also-- I feel like your overall point is a tangent off of the actual issue here. There is a bug with deep links on Spotify's platform (for desktop)...that is a real issue that has nothing to do with Hypeddit. Anyone can create a deep link if they know how. Hypeddit's tool just makes it easier because it creates it for you, and John advises people who use his platform to utilize deep links within a playlist of your own so that you increase the likelihood that people will stream more of your other songs beyond the initial song you promote. That's just helpful marketing advice...

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Hey folks,


Thank you for all the info you've shared and for your patience.

We received confirmation from the relevant team mentioning that this should be fixed by now. We'd recommend updating your app to its latest version or performing a clean reinstall (in case you still have it) to make sure there's no previous cache affecting the proper behavior of the app.

We appreciate all of your reports, they were really helpful.

If anything else comes up, the Community is just a post away!

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This is awesome!
Thanks so much for your help, Oscar!
I just tested it by updated my Spotify desktop app and it's working again! 👍
Thanks for your support!

Thank you!!

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