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Bug in Check if Users Follow a Playlist endpoint

Bug in Check if Users Follow a Playlist endpoint

I'm getting inconsistent results when trying to check if a user follows a (public) playlist via the /v1/playlists/{playlist_id}/followers/contains endpoint.


If I follow the playlist via the Spotify apps:

  • making the request using my app's access token returns false (which is wrong)
  • making the request using the access token that I get from the API console returns true (which is correct)

However, if I follow the playlist via my app first, both access tokens return the correct result.


Here's my code:


curl -X "GET" "" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer MY_ACCES_TOKEN"



Just changing the access token, fixes that issue. I'm not sure what's the difference that I get from my app vs. the one that the API console gives me.


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You can only check if a user is following a private playlist if you are authorized for the playlist-read-private scope. The difference between the two access tokens is one is authorized for this scope and the other is not.

I'm checking if the user is following a "public" playlist.

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