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Bug with API Check if Users Follow a Playlist

Bug with API Check if Users Follow a Playlist

Hi, I have been trying out the Spotify API via the web console available on the developer website. Specifically, I was trying out the "Check if Users Follow a Playlist" endpoint when I encountered an issue.

API ReferenceCheck if Users Follow a Playlist


Some context: I realised that there are two kinds of user IDs. One kind would be simple usernames like "xyz" whereas the other kind would be alphanumeric, like "eo8wjubelcga1jv504ee85zos".


I have two accounts set up. One(Account A) has a simple username and the other(Account B) has an alphanumeric one. Account A and Account B both have made playlists and both accounts follow the playlists made by the other account.


While I was trying to check if the accounts are following the other account's playlist, I found that Account A(xyz) would return true if checked if it is following Account B's playlist but Account B(eo8wjubelcga1jv504ee85zos) would return false if checked if it is following Account A's playlist. Could there potentially be an issue with the IDs that are affecting the results? 

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I have same problem and I only get false returns when i'm get token with my dashboard

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