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Can an app made with the API be used by free Spotify users?

Can an app made with the API be used by free Spotify users?






Mobile, Desktop and TV

Operating System

Android, iOS (maybe. I wouldn't be able to test in that as of now) and Web App


My Question or Issue

I read the terms of Spotify for Developers, but I'm not a native speaker and this got a bit confusing to me.


Could a free user authenticate and use an app that uses the API? If yes, what features, if any, can't be used? I ask this because I myself don't have a Premium account as it is too expensive in my currency.


I want to use the API as a study project for my own career development. This is not necessarily going to become a product (might in the future, but will not have a comercial focus) and if there are differences between Free and Premium use of the API and the Free portion works well, I might purchase a Premium license for improving more



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Hey there, help's here!

People that are using the free version of Spotify can build apps with the API and also use apps built with Spotify APIs.

Some endpoints do require a Spotify Premium subscription; you'll receive a 403 PREMIUM_REQUIRED error when you've hit such an endpoint and you don't have the right subscription.

Also, you might be eligible for a discount with Spotify Premium for Students, check it out at

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a shout!

Have a great day,
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Hello Hubo, sorry for the long delay... I absolutely forgot about this. I've been using other APIs in my studies, but I may still get back to this one day...


Where can I have a comprehensive list of endpoints that require premium? I would like to design it in a way that makes it clear upfront what you can or cannot do. Maybe even a whole dedicated interface for premium

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