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Cannot login to Spotify developer console

Cannot login to Spotify developer console

I cannot login to the Spotify developer dashboard. 


I have signed up with Spotify through Facebook. I have created multiple apps using the dashboard before. Now, when I try to sign in through Facebook by  clicking the "login" button, I see a new window pop up, but after I sign in, the window closes and I am not taken to the dashboard. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 5.04.58 PM.png

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I have that issue now, anyone finds a solution for this behavior ?



Have you tried to use another browser or device?

Hey folks, I have been experiencing this issue for the last ~1hr or so as well. Same behaviour in Safari and Chrome on OSX as well as Safari iOS. 

Have had this happen today and been experiencing it for the last 3 hours. I have tried on Mac and Windows with Firefox, Chrome. 

I just ran into this issue. Here's the fix (if using Chrome):

  1. Open Chrome Dev tools by using Command + Option + J (on Mac)

  2. Selection "Application"

  3. Click on "Cookies" inside of Application

  4. Right click the section that says "" and hit Clear

  5. Refresh the page and now try to login

The solution let me log in, but it seems that there is a much deeper issue affecting the dashboard. After login, none of the apps I have are present. Sometimes they show up, sometimes they don't. If they show up and I click on one, I get logged out again lol.

Something is seriously broken with the dashboard's authorization engine.

The dashboard has been showing odd behavior all of today. Logging in successfully sometimes shows a blank dashboard. Refreshing the screen sometimes shows all your apps and sometimes doesn't. Also, clicking on one of the dashboard apps sometimes logs you out as well.

Same as of right now. Also getting 403 for top tracks api.

Same, also getting status code 403 when accessing the API

The issue now appears to have been resolved.

I reinstalled my stream deck, and this happens as well, the fix doesnt work

Thanks all for reporting this problem! The detailed bug reports are very helpful 🙂 

There was a glitch with the dashboard over the weekend. @burtoner, are you still having trouble with signing into the developer dashboard now? If you are then can you tell me more about what you are seeing or share a screenshot?

I am trying to sign up for a Spotify for developers account, but when I go to accept the terms and conditions nothing happens when I click "accept the terms." Looking at the network info in Chrome dev tools, I am getting a lot of 504 errors. What can I do in this case?

seems like the problem is back or still not fixed yet. I'm having this issue since 3 days again. Tried use OSX/Win all newest os software. Tried Google Chrome, Firefox and also Safari/Edge and on every device, browser, also on different accounts i got this issue.
I also tried the fix from above, also tried private tab and everything else but nothing seems to work.
How i can get access again to my dashboard??


Dashboard access is broken again. I can't even log in. Tried clearing caches, different browsers, **bleep** even another machine altogether. No dice.

I'm having issues as well, if I press on the login button, the page reloads and for a short amount of time it shows a error message. Then it returns to the site and it won't let me login.

For some reason when I opened it up on my phone, I was able to access it. PC is still broken.

There is a problem on Windows 10 runing navigators (chrome, edge and firefox) because the  "SameSite"  property has value "None" on cookies with domains "Domain :"" and Path :"/loggedin". Recent updates of these navigators process "None" as the default value "Lax". This means that the value of these cookies are not available for serveurs of the same domain and level of security.

I know this post is old, but I have the same issue since some days. Any ideas to fix this problem?

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