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Chromecast doesn't name Spotify when casting Spotify

Chromecast doesn't name Spotify when casting Spotify


I'm currently developing an analytics system to monitor which applications are being used by the Chromecast devices connected to my network.

Chromecast devices broadcast their current activity in the MDNS messages. Here are some examples of what is broadcasted by the Chromecast when casting from the following applications:

  • Netflix: "rs=Casting: Netflix"
  • Spotify: "rs=Casting: (Sittin' On) the Dock of the Bay"
  • Youtube: "rs=YouTube"

As you can see, it's easy to identify the applications used for Youtube and Netflix. However, I'm facing difficulties in identifying Spotify.

As a result, my analytics report shows a significant usage of Netflix and Youtube, but a very low usage of Spotify, which isn't very flattering for Spotify.

It would be great (for me and for Spotify :)) if Spotify could broadcast its name while casting. Alternatively, if anyone knows of another way to monitor Spotify activity through the network, I would greatly appreciate the insight.

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