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Commercial API approval waiting time

Commercial API approval waiting time

We are trying to launch a service using the API and submitted our request for the commercial API about a week ago. 

I haven't had any confirmation this was received or indication of when we'd get a reply. Not complaining as such, would just like a bit of guidance on timescales and likelihood of being approved before we invest more time/money in our project.





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Anybody had any experience of wait times etc?

Commenting because we've been waiting for 3 weeks with everything built and their support team continues to push us here except for the fact nobody actually helps or comments here. Hoping they fix this as its definitely a long delay when we just need written permission to use service. 



We are facing a similar issue, we've been waiting 4 months for commercial integration approval and we're due to launch in september.


I anyone has any idea of how long this is likely to take or anyone we can contact to check its progress that would be massively appreciated.



Sadly, we are still waiting too. 

I've only ever seen two people here answering questions on Spotify's behalf. Its an absolute joke that this website (which is buggy enough by itself) is their first and last line of support. None of their repositories are maintained either.

Same here !!! 😭

Help !!

Has anyone in this thread received a response yet?

NOPE I’m pretty sure it’s been 6-8 months on us just waiting on an email to say we are good to go

Same issue here. Applied for a commercial license in July '20.
Haven't heard anything back yet.


From what I've heard it can take up to 6 months. One of their RS told me that they're working on improving wait times. I think they're well aware of the issue, it's just taking time for them to actually improve it!

Hey did you guys got the approval we are still waiting since past 3 months

This is very concerning. We submitted and didn't even get a confirmation email. Has anyone switched to Apple Music or Amazon Music?

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