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Delay in replying to quota extension request

Delay in replying to quota extension request

Hello everyone, I'm applying for a quota extension, but I haven't heard anything back. The last feedback you gave on the forums was that it would take up to 6 weeks, and we've been waiting almost two months. Is there anything I can do to get some feedback from spotiy ?

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Hi, I am in a similar situation, having submitted a Quota Extension Request on 2023-09-10, I have not received any communication from Spotify so far.


It would be really, really helpful to have at least a vague idea how long it will take.


Maybe other people here have more experience on waiting times? For how long have you been waiting/How long did it take for your request to be answered? Was your request granted or rejected?


Hey guys, the same situation here, I requested the quota extension on November 6 and being November 22, I have not received any review information from the Spotify team. Isn't this a bit messy?



Important: App review and quota extension waiting times 


How long does it take to review my submission? 

During peak periods, it may take longer than six weeks. 


(November 6 is only 2 weeks ago)

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