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Demo links broken

Demo links broken



I'm looking at the demo code in and it looks like all of those are broken.


I really like the app in:


I can use that one without any authentication, that makes me think the authentication is happening in the server-side.


Is there any documentation on the request limits?



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Thanks for the report! 

Could you please be more specific on what is broken? All work for me here.


Documentation about rate limiting can be found here:



I tried the following links a few times, but didn't work:
Basic snippets --> Search for an Artist (and Lookup) Demo
Example apps:
- Playlist Creation
- 30s Drum Machine



About the Rate limiting, I couldn't find specific numbers.


My main concern is if I should grab data & store in a DB (to avoid making the same request many times) or if my app can just make many requests (every time it has an active user, it will make a few requests)

Thanks! I will forward your report to the team responsible for these demos!


About the rate limiting question, our specific numbers are not public, but you should be fine by doing a few requests per user, assuming you don't have a ultra huge app.


Also, storing our data in third-party data bases is against our ToS:

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