Deprecated streaming SDKs?

Deprecated streaming SDKs?


In regards to the below update, can we get any information on what will no longer be working exactly?  Both the new iOS and Android SDKs are far from production ready and have a backlog of issues.  Furthermore, it seems they haven't really been updated much in the last 2 years.

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Just to piggyback off this, I am currently using the iOS SDK only to perform app to app authentication. Will this functionality still be supported? If not, is there any other solution besides using the SDK to keep app to app authentication. This is important to us because it really reduces the friction in the sign in to Spotify flow and helps reduce dropoff.


Still no response from Spotify…


I suggest we try to reach them on Twitter, I’ve started here


Hey @topmusicdev - are you using the iOS SDK that is published here?


Just bumping this up. It’s be great to get more clarity on exactly what won’t be working in the streaming SDKs after September 1st

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