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Developer Day at Spotify, March 25th

Developer Day at Spotify, March 25th

We’re thrilled to invite you all to our virtual event: Developer Day at Spotify on March 25th.


Developer Day at Spotify is a three-hour online event for all developers interested in Spotify’s open developer platform. You will meet the Spotify developer advocacy team, get inspired by other developers through technical presentations, and learn skills that you can use to build great experiences for Spotify users.


You can read the full blog post here.

18 Replies

Sounds interesting. Registered 🙂

Sounds great.

I missed the office hours option and the mail **bleep** does not accept replies.

How do I sign up for the office hours?

@alsc The option to sign up for Office Hours was in the registration form as an option. It automatically closed once we reached the capacity. We did accept more sessions than we can actually host during the 25th, but we are looking to host more 1:1 Office Hours sessions so feel free to send me a private message and I'll add you to the list. 

I missed this event as didn't see the announcement until a couple of days afterwards, is there any chance of sharing any recordings, or anything that was shown or discussed, would really appreciate being able to see anything, if at all possible, if not will make sure I catch the next one!

I sent you a private message but I am uncertain if you received it. It looks like it was deleted?

Doesn't look like I haven't got any private messages myself at all, have checked, don't tend to delete messages so not sure what happened!

Oh. Wrong recipient 🙂 Sorry.

I sent you a private message but I am uncertain if you received it. It looks like it was deleted?


Same question from me, are there any recordings / slides?

Indeed, hoping to see something from the event, kicking myself for missing it but am glad to see events like this being done, even though I wasn't able to see it this time!

The event was recorded. Spotify mentioned that they would share the recording at some point.

No need to kick yourself! 🙂 The sessions were indeed recorded and we are processing them. I'll update this thread once the recordings are available.

Any chance this event will be held again in the future?

@krikelin We're not going to repeat exactly the same event (it was recorded) 😉

Jokes aside, we are going to experiment with different formats for more frequent and regular updates and check-ins moving forward. Stay tuned! 🙂

Looking forward to seeing the slides etc from the event! Will look out for the next event much better too but glad for those who missed it can still catch up with all that was covered, I really appreciate that!

Recordings are now available! Grab them here: 


We're writing up a blog post where we'll also link to the slides, stay tuned.

Thanks for posting the videos, and for the blog post that will come, always good to see things like this and get some updates on what is happening with Spotify for Developers platform!

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