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[Developer] Expose endpoints to create or query folders

[Developer] Expose endpoints to create or query folders

There are a couple of questions floating around folder info not being available via the API. As of today there are no endpoints associated to get folder information (link to docs). It'd be nice to have this feature exposed via the api to allow more customization and community content to be made. It's probably a small change in config for the dev team but a huge thing for some projects 🙂

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Thanks for bringing this up, @jimmytserrien! Do you have an existing app or an app idea in mind that would benefit from this?

Hi Josh!
I am currently working on a project where being able to create 2-3 folders for my generated playlists would be nice. The base feature of it would be saving the weekly playlists automatically. It's a popular idea among my friends, planning a demo with them the following days. Having access to folders would keep it nicely organized and not flood the users custom playlists. As shown in the other open discussions linked in the idea description this wouldn't (have been) the only project to utilize it.

As a side question: Sharing the link to the idea gives a 404 for anyone but me. The ideas need to be approved before getting "public"?

C'mon @spotifyjosh it's obvious that this will give to developers a ton of flexibility. Everybody uses folders to sort their playlists, why I can't do it the api? For example, I have a script to create playlists from dj sets and I want to store the playlists in a specific folder. Is it too much to ask? Is it so rare?

Since 2015, there has been a need for the community to display or edit folders via the API and Spotify is simply not interested  

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