Developer Policy compliance for Non-Streaming SDA aggregating data from different platforms

Developer Policy compliance for Non-Streaming SDA aggregating data from different platforms


Hi everyone!


Would a Non-Streaming SDA that aggregates and analyzes user-specific usage data from different platforms be compliant with the Developer Policy? We are concerned about Section III.5 & III.13


What we plan:

Our product matches users based on common interests. Instead of manually entering the interests, users can sync their profile to a variety of platforms. Their platform specific usage-data is used to create an interest-profile(s).

Concerning III.5:
We don’t offer any streaming functionality, so that part won’t apply to us. What we are concerned about is the ‘content’ wording. We want users to be able to compare their interest in musical artists and genres, as well as in a variety of non-music categories.
For example, we are cooperating with YouTube, to enable users to compare their subscribed channels. We offer YouTube ‘content’ inasmuch as we list the relevant channel's name, picture, and a link to it on YouTube. We plan to do similar things with other platforms, such as: Subreddits on Reddit, profiles on Instagram and of course artists and genres on Spotify (and possibly other music streaming services). Would this be allowed?


Concerning III.13:

We only process the specific usage data of the user who connects their profile. The user has full control over which data they share, what it is used for, and can delete it at any time. We use different API Endpoints (listed below) to basically create two lists for the user. One of their favorite artists and one of their favorite genres. Entries in these lists consist of:

  • The name of the Entry
  • An Image (only for artists)
  • A Link to the artists / genre on Spotify


These lists get created with the Following API Endpoints (users can (de-)select specific ones):

  • /v1/me/following 
  • v1/me/tracks  & v1/me/albums
  • v1/me/top/artists & v1/me/top/tracks
  • v1/me/top/artists
  • v1/me/player/recently-played


Would a product like that be conceivable? And if so, would it be eligible for commercial use? If it helps, I am glad to provide additional information. 


Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!



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I would also appreciate further elaboration!

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