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Streaming videos

Streaming videos

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Spotify should add to the songs the videolink or even different links to videos.

There is of course challenge how to sync the video and the music, but this could be overcome by running the song and the video in preindexing process to sync the two.

The second challenge do the artist allow syncing the videos. I believe it would just add more value to artists and connect their investment of doing video to streaming the song. So it is a commercial challenge.

of course work is needed to do the linking and the ability to stream good quality video via Spotify.

When the video is available then Spotify should have also have ability to run the video through to a screen or TV. Now this becomes with the lyrics fully new possibilities to karaoke world.

the lyrics do kot yet provide indexing of running it as karaoke systems provide, but again it is standard technology today to run the indexing bit differently than currently.


This is idea for Spotify!

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Thank you for submitting your idea, but this is not the right place. This section of the Community is for Developers that would getting help with making apps using the Spotify APIs.

The right place to submit your idea is the Idea section of the Community.

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