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Enhancing the Spotify track tags with my own tags

Enhancing the Spotify track tags with my own tags

Hi everyone,


I want to build an app which can recommend Spotify tracks based on the user's own library of music (could be a user's collection of .mp3). For this, I want to enhace the default tags for Spotify tracks with my own self-crafted tags (say, how many people are there in a song, what instruments are there, what type of beat). 


I have my tools that can generate such tags given an .mp3 file. Now, I need a way to tag the Spotify tracks, so that I could recommend them to a user based on their library. The problem is that I cannot just download tracks from Spotify to generate my demanded tags - I am not sure if it's possible and legal.


I would conclude that it's not doable at all, however I have stumbled upon on a web-app that actually does exactly this: Cianite. I see, that they somehow populate their library of analyzed Spotify tracks, adding their own tags to the music, and I am not sure how they do it. Do you guys have any ideas on how they may do it? Is there some private Spotify API that allows for downloading their catalogue? 


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