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Episode uri not supported /player/play

Episode uri not supported /player/play

Currently, there is no other way to start the playback of a podcast other than using the /me/player/play and the podcast's show context uri. However, this always starts the podcast on its first episode. It is not possible to play a specific episode by its episode context uri. 


Currently, my workaround is to create a playlist to which today's episodes are added to and playing that playlist. 


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Hey @Watermarkhu, help's here!

Hmm, let's see how we can solve that! Could you try to play the episode with the URI parameter? There's some more information on how to use that here: Let me know if that works! 🙂


Have a good one and happy coding! 🙂


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That is not possible.


According to the API:  "Valid contexts are albums, artists, playlists.". However, show contexts does seem to be supported. However, requesting a show via its show: context uri does not lead to a constant result in which episode is played. From what I can't tell, it plays the oldest episode of the show that you haven't yet listened to. 


Episode contexts are not supported. Requesting it via an episode context results in the following error

  "error": {
    "status": 400,
    "message": "Non supported context uri"



Don't mean to grave dig, but figured it was better than making a duplicate post. Has there been a work around for this? 


Trying to build a simple web app that plays plays podcasts in episode release order.


Crazy to me this feature is not available on desktop. 

Yeah, I'm on the same journey that @alntng

is it still not possible to playback episodes? it would be great if we could 🙏

Please add 'episode' to playable URI types!!

Hey Spotify Team, please add the ability to play Show Episodes through the Player SDK / Web API.

Using spotify:episode:[id] URI results with a (400) Non supported context uri response.

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