Error 403 when starting playback on Discover Weekly

Error 403 when starting playback on Discover Weekly






HomeAssistant VM initiating playback to Google Home Mini

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I have been having an issue with initiating playback of the Discover Weekly Playlist from HomeAssistant. I finally narrowed the issue down to an illegal start position which returns the error "403 code -1 restriction violation reason unknown"


It turns out that the player is attempting to start at position 0 by default and I have marked the song in position zero as disliked. This renders the song playable from the web and desktop apps, but not through the api. I have replicated this behavior with other songs in this weeks Discover Weekly by setting spotipy to play from a position and then running once before marking the song as disliked and running the script again. Same error "403 code -1 restriction violation reason unknown"


I wanted to put this topic here in case anyone else is banging their head against a brick wall with this issue.  It is not immediately obvious that the error is so benign and I was almost to the point of revoking keys and starting from scratch.


For the devs: I would suggest either allowing songs to be outright removed from the Discover Weekly playlist or have an error handler to tell the api when a song has been marked in this way. I will need to add some automation to the setup on my end to increment the position value based on return.

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