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[Feature Proposal] Expose folders in the api

[Feature Proposal] Expose folders in the api

I have a app that allows creating playlists. It would be really great if I could put all the playlist that my app makes into a certain folder so it is in its own nice category.


I propose the api endpoints for folders to  be:

  • [GET] me/folders?limit=...&offset=...
    • Returns playlist ids of playlists in the folder
    • folder name
    • creation date
    • folder id
  • [PUT] me/folders?name="...."
    • You could have playlists_ids in the  body for batch moving playlists to the folder like {"playlist_ids": ["....", "...''], "name":"...."}
    • But you could also just reuse the update playlist details endpoint
  • [DELETE] me/folders?id="..."
    • Should probably not delete the playlists in the folder

You could just use the already existing modify playlist details endpoint to move playlists into a folder like so:

  • [PUT] /playlists/{playlist_id}
    • Body: {"folder_id":"..."}

It would also be great that when you create a playlist you could specify a folder id. This is nice because it saves a request if you want to put the playlist in the folder anyway.

  • [POST] /user/{user_id}/playlist
    • Body: {"folder_id": "...." }

I think the folder endpoints could just fall under the user-library-modify scope


It would be great if this were to be added to the api as it would lead to a lot of new creative uses for the api and managing playlists. People could program their apps to put the playlists that their app creates into separate folders. I think uses would really appreciate this as their library stays much more organized.

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I would really like to see this feature as well. It has come up as a problem / request multiple times over the years but never gains any traction.

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